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Syed want himself in peace & try to create peace in other lifes. Syed Personality is resemble to a Pyramid. As Pyramid has five faces, Syed personality has five faces. Syed thinks himself as a thinker, a philospher, a writter, a researcher & a scientist. Syed creates its website for Broadcasting, promoting & presenting his Vision, ideas,  creativity, projects, Research, any many more




I have done Masters ME Telecommunication from Usman Institute of Technology Hamdard University in 2010. I have done BS in Electronics from Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology in 2007. I have received Two Scholarships of R$ 17000/ each in my Final Year. I gave done Multiple Courses. currently I am doing Primavera Course 

Paper & Thesis

The Research is related to communication field. The Research Topic is "Bandwidth Utilization of Transmission Streams for Desktop & Mobile TV". I have created this research paper & Thesis independently


I have created Two Books. Storage Area Network & Antenna's & Vsat's. Storage Area Network (SAN) is my interdepartmental Training Project Report/Manual. Antenna's & Vsat's is my Wireless Communication Project Manual/Book